We’re All Members of the Body of Christ … But I’m Not the Colon

Over the years, my friends and I have adopted funny sayings that relate to my colon cancer survivorship. One of my absolute favorites is the thought that we’re all members of the body of Christ … but I’m not the colon.

As much as we joke, there’s a lot of Biblical truth that I’ve learned through this funny saying. A truth that we sometimes overlook as Christians. Because deep down, a lot of times, we do think that we can do it all. Or at least that we should know how.


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Learning From Our Spiritual Gifts and Callings

Over the past several weeks we’ve learned all about calling, spiritual gifts and the role of the Holy Spirit. I’ve learned about gifts over the years, but this month I’ve been reminded that not all of us have every spiritual gift. And God’s given us the one, two or three dominant ones for a reason. There’s purpose behind our passions.

In the “calling” week, Orion said that we each have a “Spiritual DNA” that makes us unique. Just like none of us look alike, our gifts and callings work the same way. It’s less about what gifts we have and more about how we use them.

Finding Health in the Body

I’m finally finding peace with settling into my one or two gifts and not trying to do it all. Because really, when I lose that focus – my gifts become more about me and less about Christ. Our physical bodies won’t function if each organ tries to do it all. Our bodies also won’t work if each organ doesn’t do its part. We lose energy, stamina and our health. We need each part do to its job in order for us to feel and look our best.

It’s no coincidence this physical example mirrors the church in how we are to work together and use our gifts. We can’t sit back and do nothing, yet we also can’t do everything if we want to be on mission. The way we’ll find complete health is by figuring out what we’re gifted in and focusing on that. And being able to admit to ourselves that sometimes, we aren’t the colon.

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