Valley of Vision is an album written and produced by The Avenue Worship Collective. It’s Inspired by puritan prayers (from the book “Valley of Vision” by Banner of Truth) that are used as liturgical elements in worship gatherings at The Avenue Church.
You might ask, why would you make an album inspired by a bunch of dead dudes? It’s because the Puritans were not your average dead poets, they were uncomfortably honest about the true state of their hearts, their sin, short comings, and the hard and dark seasons of life. But they also knew their bibles really well. They wrote about the gospel with such clarity and honesty that it captivates, refreshes, and inspires you. The only thing that Puritans like Issac Watts, John Bunyon, Charles Spurgeon, and Richard Baxter hated more than sin was spiritual apathy. In each of these prayers you can hear their deep love for, and pursuit of God. That makes this project especially exciting and valuable to the body of Christ.
This is not the only project of its kind, others have made musical contributions inspired by these men. However, our unique approach was to make sure the tone and mood of our music would be as close as possible to the Puritans writings. In other words, we wanted each song to exude their passion and honesty without forcing them to all be happy songs. What we ended up with is some really great, deep, original, and unique songs. Our hope is that these songs will give you words to pray and meditate on, that you would be inspired to start reading puritan writings, that you would hate sin and apathy, and find a deep passion for pursuing God. We pray that the real you, would meet the real God through this resource.

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