Turning 5

By July 10, 2013 The Avenue Church

1006130_cupcake_About five years ago, a group of people set out from Lee’s Summit Community church to plant a new church serving eastern Jackson County and the metro area. We were a diverse group with all sorts of dreams, preconceived notions, hopes and desires. Having never planted a church before, it was uncharted territory and we loved it.

Five years later His church the Avenue remains. As I’ve looked back over the last five years there is one inescapable word…faithfulness. Faithfulness emerges after every challenge, step forward, step backward, high and low. When the seats are full on Sunday or when they are a little light, He’s faithful. When we need more help or more hands He’s faithful. When the budget is in the black or red, He’s faithful. On the rare days when I think all this could be a lot easier if I could just “go to church” and not be so involved…the gentle, reassurance of the Holy Spirit whispers, “I’m faithful…”

The faithfulness of Jesus to go to the cross should fuel our own faithfulness (Philippians 2:8-11). And the last five years are a glaring reminder that He has always and will always care for His bride, the church.

We have much to do; many areas to grow, plan and advance. We’re excited to see what God unfolds in our pursuit of deeper worship, committed community & discipleship and a call to mission throughout our cities.  We believe He has the power to transform our hopes in these areas into realities.

My early thoughts on helping start a new church have given way to the realities of new uncharted territory…the next five years.

May we be just as faithful to the Father, Son and Spirit as He has been faithful to us.

Happy Birthday Avenue Church!

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