When the Grass Is Greener Than The Gospel

By July 22, 2014 Blog, The Avenue Church

This week I logged about 1600 miles and 22 hours of drive time crossing Kansas from Missouri to get to Colorado and back home again. On my drive this is a sight that I saw over and over again and it really got me thinking about the logic of it all. cowotherside of fence1

As the old adage, “the grass is always greener on the other side” came to mind, I thought about how silly these cows looked, stretching their heads across a fence when behind them is thousands of acres of lush green grass to eat. You know what though? I couldn’t help but identify with them a bit. You see there is the tendency in me to face a problem, an issue or simply life in a way that says, “I’m not satisfied with what I have” and “If I had that over there then I would be happy”.

We sense that something is wrong with the world (or a current situation). The brokenness we see and feel everyday tells us that perfection is lacking. So in order to solve this impoverished problem we are prone to stick our head in other yards. Yards that God has not called us to. Yards that seem greener only because of our lack of vision for our present yard. We ignore the barbed wire poking at our neck and press on into the pursuit of something better, even if it is harmful to us. You see, we wrongly believe that more of what we already have will fulfill us! I do this because of unbelief. Unbelief in the gospel of grace. Unbelief in God’s goodness to me in the present.

The Gospel answers this need. The Gospel says, “Are you tired of pressing? Then come to me and rest”. The Gospel calls us to stop trying to make life perfect and accept Christ’s perfection at the cross. The Gospel provides relief to our pursuit of what is not ours. Because the God who created everything loves us and came to free us by His Son, and fill us with His Spirit so we can rest in our own yard. Because Jesus is everything to us we can turn around and gain a vision for our thousand acres. Seeing all that God has provided for me is right here. Because Jesus loves me and wants the best for me I can trust that this is where he has called me and that I will have all that I need. If he calls me to another yard then I will see the gate swing wide open and Him leading me (maybe driving me) into a new pasture. But, here and now my grass is greener and it is because the immeasurable goodness of Jesus Christ! He has freed me to delight in Him above all else!

This principle has many applications; success, work, friends, hobbies, school, ministry and just life in general. What areas of life do you need to give to God fully and trust in the Great God of the Gospel? Pray that God would give you a vision for the present mission that He has called you to. Pray my  friends, placing your trust, thankfulness, and worship back in the one who holds all things together and does all things well.


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