The Birthday of a 4 Year Old

By June 28, 2012 Uncategorized

If you’ve been around 4 year old kids you quickly understand two things. They are not babies and secondly they are not big kids. The Avenue Church went out on its own 4 years ago this week. In 4 years kids have so many opportunities to grow and mature. To develop strengths, tendencies, skills, habits and an identity. For a church the same is true, we have been given so many opportunities to grow, and those opportunities are what we call “trials.” We have responded to those trials in great and positive ways and and at other times in immature ways.  We are far from perfect as a church. We aren’t totally developed in many areas and yet God continues to call those gifted in those areas to our common mission. When we run short on resources,  and we all serve in multiple ways we are reminded that we are not 7, 8, or 9 years old. We are just turning 4.

Even at 4 years old you can begin to tell who a child will develop into. We are becoming passionate worshipers, living in community, while on God’s mission in our lives. I am excited that these things are already built into who we are as church. This is who God has made us to be, these are our strengths, our identity in Jesus Christ. While we are not “big kids” yet, we are “God’s kids” and we are growing up into this calling.   In that DNA is a Gospel Awakening (more on this in an upcoming post) that has come to our church and thousands of other churches.  God is truly moving in your life, in our church’s life and I am excited to grow up with you.

..we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ -Eph. 4:15b


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