The Big Picture

   TheBigPicture I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how God is present everyday and everywhere whether we recognize His presence or not. Hebrews 1:3 says that  Christ is holding the universe together by the POWER OF HIS WORD. This means that the atoms of the building I’m in, and the chair I’m sitting on, are literally held together by the Word of King Jesus.  He is over ALL things and ALL things are held together and  made through HIM. I heard a speaker say one time that even someone who doesn’t  believe in God is declaring God’s greatness and glory by simply being alive. The fact that my heart beats moment after moment after moment is a reflection of God’s great power. God’s glory is everywhere! He is in the bigness of a sunrise and the smallness of a blade of grass. He is in the stars,  the oceans, and even in my cup of coffee. He is over ALL things and ALL things were created by and are maintained through HIM. His plan is so big and He has involved us (such small things) in it.

I was reminded of this recently as I was involved in a minor chainsaw accident. By the grace of God I came out with nothing more than a good sized gash in my arm. In the days that followed the accident I kept thinking about the “what ifs”.  What if it would have cut just a bit deeper or even all the way through my arm? What if it had hit a major artery? Why did God allow me to keep my hand when others, who have had similar accidents, were not so fortunate? I kept thinking to myself, “God is truly everywhere in every moment whether we think that moment is good or bad”.  He was there in my accident. He was there when my son was born. He was there when my Grandma passed away of cancer. He was there then and He is here now as I type this post. He is here and His plan is perfect.

This new year, pray for the eyes to see Christ’s continuing work in the world.  Remember He is over all things so there is no reason to fear! Put your trust in Him and His perfect plan and you won’t be disappointed in the end. He has promised redemption. Don’t lose hope!

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