Passion Weekend at The Avenue

By April 5, 2012 Easter Weekend


This weekend we’re preparing to celebrate one of the most monumental weekends of the year:  Easter weekend. At The Avenue, we’ve got a great lineup planned to help us walk through this important time of the year. It’s not only to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for us, but also to celebrate and rejoice together.

We hope that you join us this weekend.

Good Friday at The Avenue

The Friday before the event on the cross is known as “Good Friday.” To celebrate, we will gather for a time of worship, reflection and communion. We prepare our hearts for the upcoming few days. We pause our busy lives to recognize the huge sacrifice Christ made when he obediently went to the cross and died for our sins.

Good Friday Service

6:30pm | Hilton Garden Inn | Childcare provided until 8pm.

Saturday of Passion Weekend

We can only imagine what the disciples and those who loved Jesus felt on Saturday. They had just experienced the most brutal death known to man of a man they loved and cherished. Their Savior (and even more, their friend) had just died. And as they wandered for the “what now?” they desperately tried to hold fast to their faith.

Saturday Devotional

Walk through the “Waiting Game” devotional from our Interactive Liturgy on Saturday. Each family will have the opportunity to pick up a printed copy after Good Friday service or download a digital version. We’re encouraging everyone to use this liturgy to carry the experience of Easter through the entire weekend.

Download the digital version of our The-Avenue-Interactive-Liturgy

Easter Sunday

Easter morning is a time to celebrate that Christ rose from the dead! Everything He said about himself and what was to come indeed came true. And… there’s more yet to come! Join us as we continue worshiping on this Sunday morning. We will praise the risen King!

Worship Service – Easter Sunday

10:45am | Fellowship of Christian Athletes | Childcare provided for ages 3 & under.


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