Not Your Ordinary Women’s Retreat

By September 26, 2011 Women's Discipleship

by Ashley Burns

What is it about the word “retreat” that makes some people shutter? As I joined the planning committee for this years women’s retreat at The Avenue I quickly began to realize that there is a stigma that comes with telling other women about the women’s retreat. Maybe I am excited because I have experienced some of my best memories at retreats in the past, and others have experienced the proverbial, “arts and crafts, need-a-tissue” type of retreat.

So I have been asking myself, How do I cast vision for this retreat? How do I share that we’ve got an extremely great planning team with a plethora of fun ideas, none of which involves crafts.

And yes, there may be a little vulnerability involved and some sharing, but really what a better place to do that than with ladies you can trust.

I have decided I just need to tell people why I am so excited.

An Overnight Women’s Retreat

What I am most excited about for this retreat, is that it’s an overnight. I can’t remember the last time I attended a sleepover. Yes, I know that may seem a little scary for some. I sure don’t wake up looking like sleeping beauty (luckily my husband has poor vision and has to put in his contacts in the morning!).

But really, how much fun would it be to get out of the house and hang out with a bunch of your girlfriends; to get out of your comfort zone for just one night? And that is the best part, it is just one night! The retreat is pretty laid back too, so if you can’t make it one day, you don’t even have to stay overnight (although I can’t say you won’t miss some inside jokes that will probably arise in the middle of the night.)We are totally flexible and want to make this retreat work however it works best for you!

Located at the Three Trails Salvation Army Camp, the setting is ideal for a sleepover. And since we will be staying in a cabin, there will be no formal setting of table and chairs, you can get as cozy as you want on the couches as you listen to our speaker, Shannon Selmon Carter, who is part of the Shine Foundation (the sponsor of Rainbow Town) and a great friend of Amy Elrod.

Tell Her That I Love Her

Shannon will be speaking on God’s love for us women, how we can encourage other women, and how
we can build discipleship relationship because of those two things. I believe God is moving in this area of discipleship at The Avenue and I am so excited to see how He speaks to us through Shannon on this topic.

Sign up for our Women’s Retreat at The Avenue – Independence, MO Church

So….if you are looking for a boring, tear-filled, ushy-gushy type of event, don’t come to our women’s retreat! If you need a night away with your girlfriends or want to make new girlfriends, if you want to relax, laugh and be filled up for the weekend, then I hope you will join us. My goal is to break the negative stigma associated with retreats. Our hope and desire is that this weekend will do just that.

Interested to know more? Want to sign up? It’s easy!

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