As our culture has become more and more postmodern, the church has recognized the immense need for missional living. Missional Living is an approach to evangelism. In order to reach a culture that rejects absolute truth and carries mistrust of institutional or organized religious activity, our approach must adapt while the truth of Christ remains.

What is Missional Living?

Missional living is an approach to life and relationships that puts Christ at the center. Living missionally means that (1) an individual has been transformed by Christ’s message and is a Christian and (2) that person is going into culture and forming relationships with others for the purpose of sharing Christ.

Missional Living encourages all Christians to view themselves as missionaries set apart for Christ on God’s mission – whether here or abroad. Overseas missionaries and church pastors are not the only ones called to evangelism. As Christians, God has placed us in our jobs, neighborhoods and cities to reach the very people he has put us next to. In a culture that’s rejecting the Gospel, missional living is the approach we take to reach a hurting world that rejects truth, yet accepts relationships. We pray for genuine relationships to be formed, and as the friendship grows, so do the opportunities for them to see Christ in us, hear us speak of Him often and be drawn to Him.

What is a Missional Church?

A missional church is one that doesn’t primarily focus on ways to get others to our church; but leans heavily on sending members out of our church and into the culture to share Christ. As a missional church, we work through Gospel Communities and discipleship to equip Christians on becoming missionaries in their workplaces, homes, families and city.

Corporately, we believe that mission is ignited by loving others. We take a week every few months to equip and challenge the church to be intentional in missional living throughout the week; a week that we call Mission: Ignition. We believe that love for others and a heart for relationships will be stirred by serving and knowing how God is calling each of us to get involved.