A Gospel Community is a small group of people that band together around the gospel to work out the implications of our faith, care for each other, grow together and be on God’s mission together.

These groups meet with each other weekly but seek to commit to each other throughout the week in natural and organic ways in the flow of life. These are not bible studies or prayer groups, although they are saturated with both the scriptures and prayer. They are smaller families of our larger family The Avenue.

Some might ask “couldn’t I just meet with people on my own, why force community?” Yes, you could do that, however, in our experience most people don’t. They become more isolated and dependant on a small group of friendsandtherfore do not benefit from the gifts of the body.  Even out of those that do connect with others, they typically do not do it at a rate that meets the biblical call toward community and discipleship. It is in a gospel community where new people to our body find a truly hospitable space to connect and be known. They are not groups of best friends, although we pray that you would make meaningful connections. The biggest reason that groups fall short is the unmet unrealsitic expectaions we bring to them. They are 80% ordinary and 10% extraordinary. Gospel Community Groups are more than just another thing we do, they are where we root our identity in being worshipers, in community, on God’s redemptive mission and where every member is a minister.

All of our Gospel Communities have an external focus and plan to send out new seed groups, as each group shares the gospel story with the people in our cities and we grow.


  • Groups meet weekly on various nights of the week. While the format of each group may differ we ask each to maintain an intentional focus based on our 3 core values.

    • WORSHIP – We want each group to find time in the week or monththat is designed for the study of the word, musical praise and worship, prayer, and going deep into the truth of the Gospel by utlizing our “Weekly Group Guide”.

    • COMMUNITY -We want each group to find times specifically designed to be a free and fun time, share a meal, invite a friend, play a board game,go out on the town, get to know each other well, or just rest and watch a movie!

    • MISSION -We want each group to find time to “GO” out with a focus on discipleship and evangelism. As a group to go volunteer at a services orgnaization, go on a prayer walk in your city, or make up your onw missional activity. Something designed to look outwardly and go on mission  with God together.

We would love for you to be a aprt of what we are doing!

Be part of a Gospel Community in your area, GET STARTED!