When Jesus began His earthly ministry He wasted no time in getting started on discipleship. He intentionally called out 12 disciples to follow Him. Over the next three years Jesus spent almost every hour with these disciples. More than a weekly bible study and simple seminar on being like Jesus, He spent more than 26,000 hours of living with his disciples and training them on following Him.

We understand the heart and strategy behind Jesus’ approach with his disciples, and while we may have some practical differences today, we still take up His charge to make disciples. (Matt. 28:19). It is our desire that every man, woman and child at The Avenue is in a discipleship relationship. This is why we believe so strongly in our Gospel Communities. Gospel Communities are where close, trusted relationships can develop.

The Avenue’s Men’s & Women’s Discipleship Ministry

We have an intentional approach to men’s and women’s ministry at The Avenue. Instead of building up large gender-specific ministries, we focus most of our efforts to equip and resource individuals to disciple each other. The reason we take this approach is that we want the primary activity of our men and women’s discipleship to not be building a ministry that is filled with activities and events alone, but rather that we would actually be discipling one another.

We think one on one or group discipleship is something everyone would benefit from and we seek to provide as many opportunities for that to happen as possible. We offer Women’s Bible Studies, Men’s Fight Clubs, yearly Men & Women’s retreats, and several fun events throughout the year. The goal of these events is connection, fun, fellowship and community. This creates opportunities to make discipleship relationships.

How can I be discipled at The Avenue?

In order to be discipled at The Avenue, we encourage you to¬† first Join us for worship regularly on Sundays, then JOIN COMMUNITY. You’ll find relationships with others that naturally connect and, over time, build trust and grow spiritually. Also, look to your Gospel Community leaders and pastors if you want to be discipled, as they can help you as you look to deepen your spiritual walk with others.