Make Holy Week The Best Ever!

By April 14, 2014 Blog, Easter Weekend

GFEaster2014bannerThis Spring and Summer we have some really fun and useful things we are going to focus on at The Avenue Church! We have a Bunco Night for the ladies, a Men’s Retreat, Baptisms, our annual Summer Celebration, Service Days (where we can put our vision into action), “Summer of Psalms” sermon series and an emphasis on Gospel Communities, Gospel Friendships and Gospel Fluency. Man that’s a lot! However Easter and Holy Week stand in front of these things begging for our attention!

As we observe Holy Week, we are asking God to prepare us to care. That this week we would look at the life of Jesus and be amazed at it. Jesus, was the perfect Prophet, Priest and King for you! On Good Friday we will experience a unique service. We will surely feel the weight of the sacrifice of Jesus at the cross. On Sunday a Celebration! We will celebrate that Jesus was raised and that we too with Him have been raised to eternal life. Even if you aren’t sure about that, you should come and explore the claims that Jesus made about himself and the historical account of his death and resurrection.

Make It Better

  1. Pray with us- We are praying that the story of Jesus this week would change lives all over the Kansas City area and at The Avenue specifically.
  2. Don’t Miss Good Friday- April 18th, 6:30pm at FCA. This mostly musical experience will bring us face to face ti what Jesus did on the cross for us.
  3. Don’t miss Easter- April 20th, 10:45am at FCA. This will be a Celebration Service of our risen Lord Jesus! The perfect ending to Holy Week.
  4. Invite Someone- Studies show that most un-churched Americans will respond to a personal invite to go to church Easter Weekend. Call friends and family, share our facebook picture on your wall and bring someone with you! Everyone Bring One!
  5. Pray some more with us- We couldn’t pray too much this week. Pray for our church, for singe people, families, marriages and for our church to have a burden for the people God has sent us to share the Gospel with.
  6. Help Tear Down Sunday- Almost our entire church serves regularly (thank you church, you’re awesome!) and it will be a specific groups Serve Sunday on Easter. But holiday’s are always better if more folks chip in so everyone can get onto other festivities.
  7. Be Super Friendly- All over KC, people will go to church for the first time, or the first time in a while. Will they leave thinking the church is a friendly place? Will we make them feel welcomed and wanted? Hospitality is a whole church thing!
  8. Read A Gospel- Sunday, I challenged us to pick up the Bible this week and read the Gospel accounts of Christ. That is Matthew, Mark, Luke or John in the New Testament. Pay close attention to Jesus himself, how He encountered others, what He said to them. This is the week to follow Jesus closely.
  9. Follow Desiring God’s Holy Week Blog- I read the Palm Sunday post during service, but the other posts will be really good from what I hear.
  10. Soak It In and Worship- This is Holy Week, “holy” means to be set apart. So when the time comes, lets not be let circumstances or distractions take our attention away from Jesus. Let’s worship Him!


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