Healthy Gospel Communities

By November 19, 2014 Blog, The Avenue Church

unity 1As a Gospel centered church we are constantly striving to implement Jesus’ good news into every bit of our makeup.  When the Gospel power of Jesus Christ is at the center we can assure that our church is functioning at full capacity, always ready to be shaped, grown, led and used by the Lord.   We know that we are Gospel centered by our reliance on Christ’s saving and redemptive work and His ability to make disciples through us.  Disciple making is of top priority according to Jesus himself (Matthew 28:19), and Gospel Community is where a large quantity of discipleship happens at The Avenue.  It is for this reason we must humbly be watchful, checking to see if we are walking in step with the Holy Spirit in our personal lives and in our Gospel Communities.  The enemy will strike us there!  In order to be healthy disciple makers we must create healthy expectations about the gathering of believers within small groups and ward off evil at the front lines.

Below I have posted an article by the “Gospel Coalition” debunking five common myths about small groups.  It is important that that we walk through each of these within our Gospel Communities so we can create a thriving environment for the Gospel to go forth into our cities.



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