Happy Advent Season

By December 2, 2011 Advent, The Avenue Church

Recently I was reading through my twitter feed and found a tweet that sums up what most people think of in regards to the Advent season:

While eating chocolates from tiny little windows labeled by each day is quite fun, it doesn’t totally cover what advent really is about; Advent is about so much more. It’s like Christmas in a lot of ways – there are some really awesome traditions, but they don’t quite reach the true meaning of what is happening.

What is Advent?

Advent, the word itself, comes from Latin (Adventus) and means ‘coming.’ It’s the time of the year when we celebrate the coming Messiah. I know my inner nerd will come out through this but what really gets me amped up about advent is that the word itself is closely associated with the Greek word ‘Parousia’ (PAR-OO-SEE-UH) that is used in reference to Christ’s 2nd coming.

How cool is that?

Advent; the season of expectation of Christ’s coming as a newborn into the world, is also a time when we, as Christ’s bride, wait for for Him to return!

Meaningful Advent Season

Celebrating Advent makes Christmastime so much more meaningful to me, because I can identify with the Jews in the 1st Century longing and waiting for a Messiah to come. I really want Jesus to come back, to gather us all together and surround us in His glory – but I must wait for that day to come. Just as the people waited for the birth of the Messiah, I must wait for Messiah to return.

So as you’re opening tiny doors to find a piece of chocolate this Advent season; remember to identify your longing for Christ’s return with the longing the Jews had for their Messiah to be born.

Happy Advent Season.

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