The Avenue is a gospel – centered, missional church in the Kansas City area, connecting with God and others through authentic relationships. The Avenue’s community and ministry center around the person and work of Jesus Christ. When the gospel of Jesus Christ is central, WORSHIP – COMMUNITY – and MISSION are the result! We love Kansas City and we love to serve the good of cities all over Eastern Jackson County.



  • When people respond to the love of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ, that response is called worship. Our whole lives can be worship; your occupation, exercise, family time, fishing, literally anything we do in response to God’s love is worship. Because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross we are freed up to live lives of worship. At The Avenue we desire great gatherings of worship, where praise is given to God and the Gospel is preached. As a result we desire great lives of worship as well. Let it be said of us that “with all of their emotions, all their will, and all their minds, they attribute complete worth, value and praise to God in this life!”


  • When God saves us He doesn’t just save us from something (judgement) but He also saves us into something, His family. Just as God the Father, Son and Spirit are in relationship, through faith in Jesus we enter into this relationship. This community is the basis of the New Testament church. We model community by being committed to one another. Within our community we receive deep friendships, support, growth, and care.


  • Mission is the realization of who God is and God is a sending God. The Father sent His Son, Jesus to seek and save the lost. Jesus also sends the Holy Spirit to empower the church to be ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. At The Avenue we are a missional church and we desire our lives to be lived missionally in this world. For some it could be Africa or Asia. But for all of us we will be on God’s mission wherever we are as transformed followers of Jesus, sharing God’s love and the Gospel in all we do and say. This is what we call missional living and it’s the heartbeat of what we do every day.


Pastors at The Avenue

The Avenue is led by a team of Pastor / Elders. These Elders function as directional leaders,
shepherds, and overseers to serve the church through collaboration of diverse gifting and personality.
Our  Elders, staff and other ministry leaders equip the body to do the work of ministry.

Orion Berridge

Directional Leader

Danny Burns


Will Turner

Gospel Communities

Trevor Nelson


Ministry Team

The Avenue has many great individuals who help support and raise up other leaders
while carrying out the management of the church. Most of our staff is
part-time or volunteer. They include:

Amy Berridge

Administrative Coordinator

Sharon King

Avenue Kids Director

Tyler & Grace Parks

Hospitality Coordinators

Louise DeLaney

Finance Coordinator

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click below to learn more about our statement of faith and affiliations.

click below to learn more about our statement of faith and affiliations.