A Movement of Gospel Community

By August 31, 2014 Blog


Seeing as this is my first blog post I feel as though an introduction is in order. My name is Will Turner and I am the new Director of Gospel Communities here at The Avenue. My family and I recently moved up to Liberty after being involved in different ministries across Missouri. As we move into the fall and a new season at The Avenue, I am overwhelmed with excitement to see what God has planned for the church.  Working within two new church plants in the past, my wife (Kayla), my son (William), and I are so thankful to be apart of this church family.


I come to the Avenue with a passion and heart for community. It is in fellowship with one another that we find ourselves in Christ’s light, and it is my hope for Gospel Communities to see the continued growth of believers, the making of disciples, and the ushering in of Jesus’ kingdom around us! Our vision at The Avenue is for Gospel Communities to be more than quality time spent together. Our vision is for them to be a movement in which the Good News of Jesus is experienced in worship, and community, and taken out in mission.

Can we imagine God’s kingdom in Independence, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit or other areas of Eastern Jackson County? What would that look like? Can we envision people running to Jesus instead of addiction? Could this be a place where there is provision for those in need? In place of loneliness, hurt, and bitterness we could see love, peace, and indescribable joy. How incredible would it be to look at our community and see a movement of people chasing after Christ and making new disciples? Is it beyond our imagination to see light taken to the heart of dark places? Jesus plunged himself into the dirty shadows of this world that no one would touch, and brought forth His marvelous light. This can be our reality. Jesus said with faith we can move mountains and that through Him ALL things are possible! (Matthew 19:26; Mark 11:23) Let the heartbeat of Gospel Communities be this very hope. Let us join together in this movement. Let us grow in vision and passion for worship, deeper in community, and more potent on mission and may God bless His great work among this fellowship of believers, bringing the Gospel of His son to Kansas City.

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