By November 9, 2015 Avenue Church Updates, Blog

Kaw-point-aerialFor several years The Avenue blog has brought quality posts, devotionals and reposts of other blogs to the web. As more and more churches and christian organizations have started to blog we have seen the great value and many blogs, but we have also realized that there are so many christian /  church blogs all producing the same content. We feel that God has called us to be a voice in our city and world but we also do not want to be one of the thousands of voices in the room. Not because we have to be heard over others, but because we want to add value. We want to discover our unique contribution to the conversation and only add blog posts that are valuable to Avenue people and the church as universal.

We are taking a break from blog posts for a couple months. If something comes up we might jump back on to address it. During this break we are going to be stocking up posts from our authors and  going up the mountain to rediscover, to gain a view of the land and to come back with clarity of vision. Please join us in prayer.

We are praying for

  • The right contributors
  • A blog captain to steer the ship
  • To discover our unique voice and direction



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